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Beech, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Cirrus, Diamond, Robinson, Lear Jet and Cessna Citations can be found here and at Barron’s site:   www.BarronThomas.com


From an early age, Barron’s heart was at the airport. Despite the complaints by his parents that he go to Medical school or obtain an advanced degree, Barron spent every possible moment at the airport.

One of his first jobs was washing and cleaning airplanes..

From starting his own business while still in college, Barron would attend classes, then go directly to his office and buy and sell airplanes in the afternoon.  An answering service covered the phones while Barron was in class. Barron was not only the salesperson, the owner, but also the airplane cleaner, janitor, and mechanic ( on small items), but now the airplanes were his inventory,  and he didn’t get paid anything ( even  the $1.50 per hour) , until the plane was sold.

From the early days of the late 1960′s, to today, Barron has bought and sold probably more airplanes than anyone else presently in the airplane business. This includes almost every model, of every manufacturer, of private airplanes ever produced.

From his perspective of possibly selling the widest range of airplanes of anyone, over a period of nearly 4 decades, he can tell you such things as the major differences between a 1960 and a 1961 Mooney, or why some modifications to a 1952 Beechcraft Bonanza are a scam and others are quite worthwhile, or why a customer might have a complaint about a 1961 Cessna Skylane not being  faster than a 1956  and a 1981 Cessna Skylane not having the trial of enough useful load compared to a 1962 model!.

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